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             The things which rank as most important in my life I cannot regard as mere preferences. My faith, my family, and my calling in music performance/education, are less elements that inform my life than components which seamlessly form it. Though each makes unique demands, these components don’t compete, just as melody, harmony and rhythm do not each contend against the others. I just past the 20-year mark as a New York based bassist and music educator. I am extremely privileged to have performed, recorded, and been mentored by legendary jazz trumpeter Clark Terry.  I have played alongside jazz guitarist and Steeplechase recording artist Craig Brann for over 20 years with five albums to date. Additionally, I have recorded and shared the stage with many of the world's greatest musicians including drummers Rudy Royston, Jaimeo Brown, Mark Guiliana, Sanah Kadoura, and Josh Dion, singer/songwriters Robbie Gil and Jeff Taylor, saxophonists Greg Tardy and Mark Turner, and trumpeters John Raymond and Freddie Hendrix. I earned my Masters in Jazz Studies at William Paterson University. I completed my degree program at the top of my class, and earned the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and Artistic Achievement from the College of Arts and Communication.

              I love music education. I have over 18 years of teaching experience in various music-anchored positions in the New Jersey school system. My current concentration is helping students with special needs. My duties have had me teaching general music; guitar and bass classes; private instrument lessons; music theory and appreciation classes, and directing small group combos, percussion ensembles and jazz bands. I am proud of the innovative programs of which I’ve been a part. I enjoy helping students develop improvisational and compositional skills in a variety of musical genres. I organize performances that showcase their talents and make clear that they’ve worked hard. Well-known jazz musicians have accepted my invitations to perform with students, and to discuss their music, thus exposing these young folk to America’s greatest indigenous musical development. When working with challenging student populations, I’ve learned to educate with strength while still nurturing and encouraging musical growth, self-confidence, and overall well-being.

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